Nea Extreme Sports Presents:

Best Sniper Competition

Whos ready to prove what you got?! Were putting together a competition so you guys can prove your skills,
… and get in on a chance to not only win bragging rights….but literally, thousands of dollars in prizes. So…Whos down?
Spectator Tickets: $5.00 per person
Entry Fee is $200.00 per team (Sniper/Spotter)
Entry Fee must be paid in advance
Any Team that Prepays by March 15 Gets 50% off entry fee

All information and entry fees must be turned in by the cut-off date.

Two Classes to enter:

Class 1: AEG

A: AEG must be semi auto fire only
B: AEG can be any model Auto Electric airsoft gun
C: AEG must be chronoed at the field, by an official NEAES chrono. AEGs must chrono under NEAES field limits (000-500fps)
D: AEG may have any type optics

Class 2: Bolt Action Springer

A: BAS can be any mode Bolt Action Spring airsoft gun
B: BAS must be chronoed at the field, by an official NEAES chrono. BAS’s must chrono under NEAES field limits (000-500fps)
C: BAS may have any type of optics

Gas Snipers willl be case by case. Please contact Casper Wells, or Hampton Owens for info.

Snipers may have any type of accesories, i.e. optics, bi-pods, lasers.

Snipers may register and work with a spotter. Spotters may have, but will carry assault or smg rifles during compitition. These must chrono under NEAES assault rifle and SMG fps limits (000-400).

There will be two levels of compitition.

Level 1: Stress fire
Stress fire will consist of a “shoot and move” type range. The sniper/spotter team will move through a range, with unknown target distance, and unknown target location. Each team will have to designate, and engage each target. Each target will be scored on two different criteria, 10 points for a hit, 1-10 points awarded for location of hit. with a possible top score of 20 points per target. A bonus point system will be awarded for speed of completion.

Level 2: Known distance
Know distance range will consist of a single target, at a known distance. With distances starting at 250ft. The known distance range will be outside, in as of now, unknown weather conditions. (Weather conditions will be posted periodicly up to the date of the OP). Each team will have xxxx minutes to send 10 rounds down range into the target. Scoring will be 10 points for each hit out of 10. With a possible top score of 100. Spotters are availible.

Each Sniper/Spotter team that enters will need the following info to be accepted:

A: Full name and callsign of both sniper, and spotter
B: DOB, and address that your player packet needs to be sent. Player packets will include all info needed for the compitition,
including entry ticket, and 2 visitor tickets.
C: Full name and location of team affiliation
D: Endorsment (Letter of recomendation) from your team leads as to your role as a DMR/Sniper
E: Model of rifle being used for both sniper, and spotter
F: FPS of rifles being used

Date - 06/29/2013
Event Website Address -
City - Jonesboro
State - Arkansas

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